Track Anything Anywhere

DidiTag is changing the way you track things. DidiTag’s solution is set to revolutionize the world as we know it. The network we use is a Low Power Wide Area Network, which supports small sensors capable of running for up to 5 years on a single charge. A single Gateway with a range of up to 18 miles (line of sight) can track over 10,000 devices. It makes locating your equipment on site, or deliveries across cities, much more affordable. 

We sell a range of devices for multiple-use cases. Whether you want to track individuals, vehicles or assets, we have a solution that works. We also work with our Manufacturers to develop custom solutions, including wearable’s. DidItag’s devices work in a wide range of businesses and homes including:

  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Construction Sites
  • Apartments
  • Auto and Car Rental Locations
  • Fleet Trucking
  • People
  • Retirement Communities
  • Children
  • Pets
  • Many more 
  • Security is a primary concern for any mass IoT deployment and extremely important for DidiTag. DidiTag utilizes two layers of security: one for the network and one for the application. The network security ensures authenticity of the node in the network while the application layer of security ensures the network operator does not have access to the end user’s application data.


Smart Home Platform

Our robust platform provides unique experiences for property managers, residents and system installers. We empathize with you, understand your needs, diagnose your problems and curate our platform to make your day simpler and more efficient. While our core products are software, we also build some hardware ourselves and integrate with a variety of popular third-party devices to provide the best experience for your community and your residents. Integrations and interoperability is the cornerstone for a successful ecosystem of connected hardware and software applications. We have carefully vetted and selected trusted and reliable third-party products to further enhance the Smart Home platform. We are also active participants in industry events, associations and trade organizations.

How do I make my home or apartments smart?

Whether you are building a new community or retrofitting your existing property, we can handle any smart apartment home challenge you throw at us. From garden-style to high-rise, our field teams are with you on-site from initial inspection through installation and ongoing support.

DidiTag Thermostat

DidiTag Thermostat

The DidiTag Thermostat allows you to control your air conditioning and heating systems. In addition to basic thermostat functions, the DidiTag thermostat allows you to create energy saving schedules and remotely manage your AC/Heating.Built-in DidiTag wireless communication module. Real-time clock; acquire the right time from network every hour. Three modes of operation: cooling, heating and ventilation. Low power consumption and high anti-jamming capability. Remotely control your device through DidiTag App. Learn More

DidiTag Phone App

DidiTag Moble App

Remotely control through the DidiTag App. Everything is in your hands. You don’t have to worry about the safety in using electrical appliance. Smart secure devices will help to take good care of it. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your home, all the devices can be remotely controlled through the DidiTag App.Learn More

DidiTag wholeHub

DidiTag Devices

More intelligent linkage Arbitrary linkage of various devices can be set through the DidiTag App. Through the DidiTag App, remotely control all devices or set schedules for the scenes such as Leave Home, Back to Home, and Entertainment.Learn More


The smart home has already become a part of our life. What will our homes look like in the future? The expectation is that smart technologies will deliver comfort and convenience into homes that will be energy-thrifty and safe. As one of the world’s best technology-based smart platform, DidiTag recently released a series of products under the DidiTag name, including a HUB, a thermostat, a sprinkler and a smart socket for the home.

The release showcases the DidiTag “3+1” model. The three energy-saving and environmentally-friendly smart devices include:

Smart Thermostat – automatically adjusts the temperature of the climate control equipment in the home or office according to user preference

Smart Socket – allows users to turn electronic devices (lamps, water heaters, humidifiers and water dispensers) on or off remotely or on a prefixed schedule

Sprinkler – enables the user to create an automated watering schedule or remotely turn on the sprinkler via one’s mobile device as well as access real-time weather reports so that irrigation devices can be regulated to minimize the wasting of water

The “1” in the “3+1” refers to the smart center DidiTag Hub, which is the internet portal and data exchange hub for the smart devices. Leveraging wireless spread spectrum technology, DidiTag Hub transmits a wireless signal over a distance of more than 1,600 feet (600 meters). The three DidiTag-branded smart devices provide users with peace of mind at home or office in terms of controlling the indoor climate, controlling each device in the location remotely and the watering of plants and gardens around the home. With the addition of the DidiTag app on the user’s iOS or Android phone, all the DidiTag smart devices can be easily managed.

DidiTag’s most eye-catching feature is the technology. In comparison with other telecommunications technologies, including Zigbee and Z-Wave, the technology we are using has significant advantages in terms of transmission distance and reduced power consumption and is more suitable for smart devices. The technology relies on point-to-point communications to achieve the longer distance transmission and requires only a lightweight protocol doing away with the need for a grid network. Test results confirm that a single battery can be continually recharged and power the DidiTag system for ten years.

A number of market players have already expressed a keen interest due to the advantages and prospects they see for this product in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. The technology Alliance includes IBM, Cisco, Semtech, Microchip and SK Telecom. In view of the prospects for the smart home and office market, DidiTag, “Simplify your life” philosophy is driven by the expectations for DidiTag in the smart home or office market and by the firm’s commitment to helping its customers enjoy the convenience and joy of a smart life “anytime and anywhere.”

DidiTag is a high-tech firm engaged in the research and development, distribution and servicing of smart home and office devices, with R&D teams located in Houston, Texas.

For more information please contact us www.DidiTag.com.