Asset Tracking


Think about all of your physical assets. You may have more than you realized, and if you do, then you need to enhance your asset tracking practices. Asset tracking, sometimes referred to as asset management, is the method you use to track your physical assets. In today's world we provide a new way to track all of your assets better and more cost effect then any other. Asset tracking is just as important as managing your inventory, because you need to know the location, status, maintenance schedule, and other important information about your organization’s physical assets. Indeed, asset tracking is important to your organization’s bottom line and compliance, as you are responsible for locating and replacing lost or missing physical assets, as well as those that have come to the end of their life-cycle.

Asset Management


DidiTag is one of leading web-based asset tracking providers. You can access asset information from any device, any place, and at any time using the type of technology we use.

Asset Stock & Inventory Module

Along with assets, asset stock and consumable items such as inventory can also be tracked by location. Get low stock alerts and transfer stock across sites with ease.

Check out & Check in Assets

Use DidiTag to check assets in and out effortlessly, empowering asset custodians to play an active role in keeping asset information up to date.

Mobile Apps

Use our Android, iOS and Windows apps to scan all assets in an instant or be notified. You can also take mass actions on items any time, from any location. You can wake up assets with your mobile devices.

Availability Calendar

The Availability Calendar shows you which assets and asset stock are available, reserved, checked out or under maintenance. Filter data by time period, group or location.

Dashboard Calendar

Quickly see what item events are taking place on any given day using the Dashboard Calendar, or toggle forward or ahead for additional information.

GPS Location

Our database tracks all asset and reveals details including geo-location, IP address and other useful information.

Excel Import and Export

Use our dynamic import wizard to import and export asset information. This makes adding, updating and downloading asset information a breeze.

History Tracking

Having a detailed history trail of items helps you track the general trends in asset usage, see how they evolve over time, and optimize asset utilization accordingly.


Manage asset meta locations with our rich locations feature. Linking assets to field locations enables you to distribute and use assets efficiently.


Set multi-format custom fields for items and carts, including fields for dates and dropdowns. You can also customize email alerts.

Groups and Subgroups

Classify assets into groups and subgroups for clarity and ease of use. You can also define custom fields, service triage and visibility based on groups.

Company URL

The Company URL feature allows you to use your company’s subdomain as a URL for your DidiTag account.


Integrate DidiTag with other systems using our REST based APIs. Choose a Platinum package for extended API service.

Depreciation Management

Our sophisticated depreciation management enables you to track depreciation and run reports so you can lower overheads and seek out improvements.


Audits help monitor regular checkpoints in the asset life cycle. Verify asset possession by having custodians acknowledge ownership or scan asset labels.